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Pouet Chess: A Portable and Pretty 3D Chess Game with an Embedded Artificial Intelligence

pouetChess is a free chess game in three dimensions. With more than acceptable graphics, you'll be able to learn how to play this game, if you still don't know how to play, or practice various techniques if you are an expert. What's more, pouetChess allows you to play against the computer or against another person.

Before you start playing, you'll have to choose if you want to play against the computer, or against another player, and the difficulty level of the game to be played. If you don't know how to play chess, you can choose Easy. On that level, when you choose a playing piece, you'll be able to see all the possible movements marked in green on the board. Thus, as you play you'll be able to learn how each piece is moved.

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Once you start playing, you'll see a chessboard in three dimensions. You'll be able to move the camera in all directions, with the possibility to place the camera in the angle of your choice. To move the pieces in pouetChess, you'll only have to select it and choose the space where you want to place it.

Linux chess software generally is separated into a "front end" application and a "chess engine". There are also "chess databases". While only gnuchess and phalanx "chess engines", and xboard & knights chess "front ends", and scid "chess database" come with openSUSE, there are many "chess engines" that run under openSUSE. This openSUSE chess game guide provides a list of some of these chess applications.

Amundsen is an XBoard compatible chess playing program. It is not provided with openSUSE but there is a tarball available for download. Not yet reported as being tested by any wiki writer under openSUSE.

A chess program for Linux and Windows. The Linux version comes as source code. The Windows versions runs with the "arena" GUI frontend and wine. The "MS-Windows" executable has been successfully tested with "wine" on openSUSE-10.3 and 11.0. The licence usage terms are set out in the README file in the "doc directory" distributed with the application.

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This version of TogaII is derived from 1.4.1 and aimed at multi processor machines and has a learning mode implemented. It can be installed with zypper or YaST from the Packman repository or by using the Packman one click install. The general linux download site for DeepLearningToga is here:

Glaurung is a chess program for Mac OS/X which can be made to run under Linux with XBoard and PolyGlot. It is not not provided with openSUSE but it is packaged by Packman packagers, with version-2.2 and version-1.2.1 available for installation either via the one click install or by installing using zypper or YaST with the package from the Packman repository.

Houdini is not packaged with openSUSE. It is an MS-Windows program that runs under wine with a share ware version (1.5) of the program located here: commercial newer version of Houdini Chess is located here: run the program one runs the Arena Front End and in Arena select Houdini as a new chess engine (navigating inside Arena to the location on one's hard drive where the Houdini MS-Windows executable is located).

poeut Chess is an opensource chess game for Linux and Windows. It has its own custom gui (and does not require a front end). It does not come with openSUSE, but both binaries and source code can be downloaded. It is not as strong as the other programs.

PRO DEO is available as freeware for Windows and it runs under wine in Linux. It is the freeware version of the former commercial REBEL chess program series. After the author Ed Schröder retired from active competition and commerce, he made available this free version of the program. To run Pro Deo under openSUSE you need to call it from the "arena" front end. Run Arena (from its own directory) with something like "wine Arena.exe" and then under ARENA navigate to Engines -> New Engine -> navigate-to-Pro-Deo-directory -> RebelUCI.exe

RobboLito is a very strong open-source UCI chess engine by: Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, and Roberto Pescatore. RobboLito is a UCI 'console' application, meaning that it has no GUI (graphical user interface). There are several free programs that provide a GUI. Some of the most popular free GUIs are: winboard, chess-gui, arena (Windows) and xboard (Linux/Unix). As RobboLito uses UCI (universal chess interface, UCI) one will need a uci-compliant user interface to play against RobboLito. One can also use polyglot as an "UCI to xboard"-adapter to use RobboLito with xboard-compatible programs. Note: RobboLito does not yet support: multiPV, own book, egbbs, tablebases, multiple CPUs/cores, nor chess variants.

Rybka 1.0 beta is a strong free uci chess engine. There is a commecial Rybka 2.1 c mp engine that is purportedly 200 elo stronger than the Rybka 1.0 beta. To run Rybka under openSUSE you need to call it from the "arena" front end. Run Arena (from its own directory) with something like "wine Arena.exe" and then under ARENA navigate to Engines -> New Engine -> navigate-to-Pro-Deo-directory -> Rybka v1.0.exe. Installation instructions under Arena are here

sjeng (old version) is available for free for Linux: custom compile sjeng on openSUSE-11.0 first install gdbm and gdbm-devel. A custom rpm can also be built with "checkinstall" (instead of using "make install"). The free version of sjeng available is very old. There is a commercial product called "deep sengh" (with a stronger chess engine) which has no mention on the web site as running under Linux.

Sloppy is an open source chess engine written in the C99 version of C. It uses the Xboard/Winboard chess engine communication protocol v.2, and it should compile on most PC or Mac platforms (eg. Linux, Windows, OS X). It is licensed under v.3 of the GNU GPL. It is not included with openSUSE but it is packaged by the Packman packagers for openSUSE-11.x and hence can be installed via the one click install or installed using zypper or YaST via the package on the Packman repository.

Spike is available for Linux (and it plays well under xboard). Simply download Spike to one's home directory to a suitable folder, unarchive the tarball, and run the provided executable. This has been successfully tested on openSUSE-10.3, 11.0 and 11.1.

ChessDB is a free chess database which can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Macs running OS X, FreeBSD, and most modern UNIX versions. The program has translations into many languages. It appears to be a fork of scid (scid now appears to have features that ChessDB was to have added). It does not come with openSUSE and must be custom compiled, where its compilation is not straight forward. Last update appears to have been in 2007.

ChessX is a cross-platform chess database written in C++ programming language, running on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It uses the Qt library to have a modern and portable graphical interface. It is packaged and available for openSUSE-11.x on the Packman repository.

Jose is a chess database that allows one to view/add games to the database, analyse games with a selected chess engine, and play against the chess engine. A number of different opening books are easily downloadable. It does not come with openSUSE, but because it is java based (requires java-1.4) it runs readily on 32-bit openSUSE. 64-bit crashes.

The libegbb3 package enables endgame tablebase support for bitbase format. Endgame tablebases are computerized databases of all chess positions within certain endgames. They are used by chess engines to calculate the outcome of an chess game. This lib enables chess engines like toga (>= 1.3.4) or scorpio to support these bitbase tablebases. libegbb3 is packaged and available for openSUSE-11.x on the Packman repository

The chess database scid ("Shane's Chess Information Database") also comes (and works ok) with openSUSE-10x and 11.0 and 11.1. Also packaged and available for openSUSE-11.x on the Packman repository. In addition to recording games in a database, Scid can be used with a chess engine to playback and analyze the moves in a game.

OCC is a small PHP chess program that allows multimple players to play each other over the internet. Its concept is to run a number of games simultaneously against various friends and to check from time to time, like once a day, whether anyone has moved and if so to enter your move along with a comment. It does NOT come with openSUSE and it also requires php knowledge to setup the chess server (playing only needs a simple web browser). The web site recommends NOT to download if a user does not have php knowledge.

Are there anywhere available instructions how to enable running with Wine a game Chess Titans, which was included in Windows 7 installation. Sadly there is no similar - easy to use, little to no menus - equivalent native Linux chess game.


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